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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Do you require deposit to begin design work?

Yes, 10% deposit is required

Do you build WordPress websites?

Of course we do! We have built hundreds of sites with WordPress. There is a common misconception that WordPress sites is that they are just blogging sites. Contact us today and we will share the different examples we have done.

Does your team build e-commerce options?

Of course, again we have worked with companies that have built a revenue stream by utilising and harnessing the power of e-commerce. Some clients have likened their e-commerce option as an extra physical shop (without the overheads)

What happens if my site goes down?

Hopefully you never notice. Our hosting options try to ensure that even if your site goes down our developers will know before your customers and have it rectified in quick time

Do you provide training

Yes, we provide training so you are likely to get as much out of your website as possible.

Do you provide analytics

Yes. We provide analytics, and we go through these and advise where most comes from. we also look at areas where we can improve by analysing the data

Do you look after SEO

Yes we provide SEO reporting and advise how you should rank as high as possible for organic reach and we also look after PPC and Google Adword campaigns

SEO Consultancy

We provide up to date SEO Reporting

Competitor Analysis

We look at how you rank against competitors

Social Marketing

Our social media management team will look after campaigns

Reportyng & Analysis

We provide reporting and analysis depending on the plan you get

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